About Us

ENTESLA - An Emerging entity in Embedded Space

Dedicated to the cause of insightful and customer centric engineering, Entesla traces its humble beginnings to the underbelly of a recession hit economy. In the summer of 2009, we, a group of enterprising young professionals, came together to form Entesla, currently a fast-growing business entity in the embedded systems domain. We position ourselves as solution providers and product development partner for projects/assignments in the field of embedded systems, robotics and advanced electronics. As young professionals working in the industry, we realised early on that the shortage of resources in terms of tools as well as developers for small and medium scale industries would eventually lead to significant demand for MSME products and related services to cater to this need-gap. As a technology and innovation driven company, Entesla strives to address this demand segment by providing tools and resources that aid product development. While our expertise in the domain helps us deliver a suite of cutting-edge products and service offerings, what we really pride ourselves in, is our adaptability to cater to multiple customer segments and we see ourselves playing a role as business enablers for students, institutions and product development companies.

Management Profile

Entesla is lead by a core team of four engineers from electrical and electronics background and having a cumulative experience of over 20 man years in the embedded systems field. We have expertise in diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals automation, power electronics (high power switching mode power supply designing), RFID (contactless smartcard readers), Biometrics (system integration using biometric components), Laser, micro-stepping stepper motor drivers for high precision control applications, computer application designs and web-based application design as required for the embedded system. Exposure to multiple domains and technologies helps us provide end-to-end packaged services for our clients. Entesla has intensive experience in product re-design and up-gradation to make them competent for the international arena, for a diverse client base.

Vision Statement

Entesla aspires to be a global brand in the embedded systems arena for business enablement through innovative product development tools and framework.