8051 KICK Development Board w/ P89V51RD2

8051 KICK Development Board w/ P89V51RD2
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Note: 8051 KICK development board with P89V51RD2 has been discontinued as NXP has stopped manufacturing of P89V51RD2. A 100% pin compatible & Firmware compatible microcontroller SST89E516RD by Microchip will be shipped with the 8015 KICK development board here after. To place an order for 8051 KICK w/ SST89E516RD click here


8051 KICK development board for P89V51RD2 is an embedded system development board for 8051 Architecture, 40-pin 8-bit microcontroller. The development board also features an SPI based 2-channel Analog-to-Digital Converter. It has been designed to help professionals, students and amateurs to explore the capability of 8051 architecture and practice application development for various interfaces with minimal hardware reconfiguration.


  • On-board NXP’s P89V51RD2 microcontroller with serial bootloader (External programmer not required).
  • Power jack for an external power supply from 8 to 16V AC/DC. Alternatively the board can be powered through the on-board mini USB connector.
  • On board USB to Serial converter to implement UART communication using the standard USB port on the computer.
  • The USB-UART Bridge can also be used to program the flash of the microcontroller using the on-chip serial bootloader.
  • Direct Port Access to all the port pins for interfacing external circuits and ADD-ONs.
  • 16x2 Character LCD interface operating in 4-bit mode and a potentiometer to vary the contrast of Character LCD.
  • Replaceable crystal of 11.0592MHz to clock the microcontroller.
  • Push button to hardware reset the MCU.
  • Four Push Buttons to provide digital input to selected GPIO.
  • Four LEDs to display status of selected GPIO pins with an option to disable using a jumper.
  • Variable Analog Input using a potentiometer to a selected channel of the SPI-ADC.
  • Two sockets in the SPI ADC section to connect external analog output devices to either of the channels of the SPI ADC (MCP3002).
  • A simple low power dc motor interface using PN2222 NPN transistor.
  • Well-documented top and bottom side for easy hardware troubleshooting.

Package Contents: 

  • 8051 KICK development board
  • P89V51RD2 Microcontroller 
  • Mini-USB Cable 
  • Character LCD

Note: The source code, User Manual and Schematic are available for download in the Download Tab.


Dimension 13cm x 8cm
Power Requirements
Input Voltage AC/DC 8-16 V or USB power

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