Crowduino Mega2560

Crowduino Mega2560
Crowduino Mega2560 Crowduino Mega2560
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Crowduino Mega2560 board is an enhanced version of the original Arduino Mega2560. Crowduino features an enhanced power circuit section as recommended by Atmel in Atmega2560 datasheet. The Mega2560 has 54 digital input/output pins (of which 15 can be used as PWM outputs), 16 analog inputs, 4 UARTs (hardware serial ports), a 16 MHz crystal oscillator, a USB connection, a power jack, an ICSP header, and a reset button.
With more IOs and larger flash than Arduino UNO, the Crowduino Mega2560 would be helpful in applications that needs more IOs or larger flash such as in 3D printer projects. It also comes with a type-B USB cable to enable you start the projects immediately.  


  •     100% compatible with Arduino Mega
  •     54 Digital IO
  •     16 Analog inputs
  •     14 PWM outputs
  •     4 Hardware serial ports (UART)
  •     Compatible with most Arduino Duemilanove and Diecimila Shields
  •     ICSP Header
  •     Can be powered through a battery or through a AC to DC adaptor


  •     Microcontroller: ATmega2560
  •     Operating Voltage: 5V
  •     Input Voltage (recommended): 7-12V
  •     Input Voltage (limits): 6-20V
  •     DC Current per I/O Pin: 40 mA
  •     DC Current for 3.3V Pin: 50 mA
  •     Flash Memory: 256 KB of which 8 KB used by bootloader
  •     SRAM: 8 KB
  •     EEPROM: 4 KB
  •     Clock Speed: 16 MHz

Package Contents

1. Crowduino Mega2560 x 1 Nos.

2. Type-B USB Cable x 1 Nos.

    Mega2560 Pin Mapping.
    Wiki link


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