EASY PIC Development Board w/ PIC16F877A

EASY PIC Development Board w/ PIC16F877A
EASY PIC Development Board w/ PIC16F877A EASY PIC Development Board w/ PIC16F877A
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Easy PIC development board w/ PIC18f877A is a starter board for Microchip’s 40 pin and 28-pin 8-bit microcontroller. It is a very low cost tool designed to provide a hassle free approach to getting started with PIC microcontrollers. The small form factor, on-chip bootloader(external programmer not required) and USB powered makes it easy to embed it into a variety of applications.


  • On-board Microchip’s PIC18f877A microcontroller with serial bootloader (External programmer not required*).
  • USB powered or externally powered.
  • On board USB to Serial converter to implement UART communication using the standard USB port on the computer.
  • Connector to support MICROCHIP’s programming/debugging product line (ICD2, ICD3, PICkit2 , PICkit3 and PICkit Lite-I) and similar development tools.
  • Breakout to all the port pins for interfacing external circuits and ADD-ONs.
  • On-board replaceable crystal of 12MHz to clock the microcontroller.
  • Push button to hardware reset the MCU.
  • One User Buttons to provide a digital input to selected GPIO.
  • One on-board LED to display status.
  • Well-documented top and bottom side for easy hardware troubleshooting.
  • Bread Board compatible !

If the serial bootloader present on the internal flash rom is erased the microcontroller cannot be programmed using the USB-UART bridge. An external ICSP Programmer like PICkit Lite-I, PICkit2, PICkit3, ICD2 or ICD3 would be required to reprogram the microcontroller.

Package Contents

  • Easy PIC development board w/ preprogrammed ds30 boootloader on PIC18f877A Microcontroller 
  • USB Cable.


  • No external programmer required; The PIC18f877A microcontroller with pre-programmed bootloader can be programmed using USB-UART interface available on-board, removing the need for an external programmer. The programming can be done using the ds30 bootloader application.
  • No external power source required; The development board can be powered using the same mini-USB connector used to program the microcontroller, hence removing the need for additional external power adapter. A maximum of 500mA can be sourced from the USB port. Connect external power supply for more power requirement.

Source Code

  • The Development Board comes with sample source codes for peripherals on board. The sample programs work with MPLAB IDE and Microchip's C18 Compiler.
  • The ds30 Programming Application is available at the Download section of the product page. The GUI Application can be found in the directory "\Bootloader Programming Application\bin\ds30LoaderGUI.exe"


 Programming the PIC Microcontroller using ds30 bootloader Application


Programming the PIC microcontroller using ds30 Bootloader

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