eNTuinoKit - (Model A)

eNTuinoKit - (Model A)
eNTuinoKit - (Model A) eNTuinoKit - (Model A)
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eNTuino is an Arduino Compatible rapid prototyping development platform based on the extremely popular Arduino IDE. It is based on the design of the popular Arduino UNO platform. Besides eNTuino has been uplifted with more features such as an on-board battery charging circuit, dual headers for shields/custom boards and option to power it using a batteryUSB or external adapter. The eNTuino comes with a pre-loaded Arduino bootloader in a  Atmega328 microcontroller.

It is an ideal rapid prototyping platform for embedded enthusuasts, artists and hobbyist in the field of electronics, robotics or anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

SensIO is a sensor and I/O shield for eNTuino and Arduino compatible boards. It has an on-board RGB LED,Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), IR receiver sensor for operating using remote control, a Potentiometer as analog Input, a Temperature Sensor, a Buzzer, a Push Button for digital inputs and a 3-axis MMA7455 accelerometer for Motion sensing along all the three dimensions.

This sensor shield is ideal for sensing and interacting with real-world physical parameters like light, temperature, sound and motion.



Package Contents

  1. eNTuino w/ Atmega328P x 1 Nos.
  2. SensIO shield (assembled) x 1 Nos.
  3. Proto Shield  x 1 Nos.
  4. Arduino Headers Set x 1 Nos.
  5. Mini-USB cable x 1 Nos.


Visit our WIKI for more information about eNTuino [click here] & Sensio [click here].


RGB Mood Lamp Demonstration using eNTuino + SensIO

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