PIC Crush-II Development Board

PIC Crush-II Development Board
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PIC Crush-II is the 2nd generation PIC Development Board for Microchip’s 8-bit PIC microcontrollers. PIC Crush-II features various interfaces available on-board and options for ADD-ONs for unleashing the power of both 5V and 3.3V 8-bit PIC microcontroller. It has been designed to help professionals, students and amateurs to explore the capabilities of PIC microcontroller and practice application development for various interfaces with minimal hardware reconfiguration.


  • On-board high quality LM2576 based Step down regulator circuit providing stable votage output of 5V at current rating of 3A. An LM1117-3.3V regular is also available on-board for providing 3.3V output to low power devices. The MCU power source can be selected as 3.3V or 5V using a selection jumper. The recommended input voltage to the board is 9 to 12V, 2A DC Adapter.
  • Standard connectors to support MICROCHIP’s programming/debugging product line (ICD2, ICD3, PICkit2, PICkit3) and similar development tools.
  • DIP40, DIP28, DIP18, DIP14 and DIP8 sockets to choose your favourite 8-bit PIC from a wide range of MICROCHIP’s 40, 28,18,14,10-pin microcontrollers.
  • Socket for DS18B20, a 1-Wire digital temperature sensor with an accuracy of 0.5ºC.
  • Socket for Analog Temperature sensor like LM35.
  • 2 x Variable analog input using potentiometer to six user selectable channels.
  • 2 x RS232 Ports to implement serial communication with selectable TX & RX pins.
  • On-board buzzer to generate various audio frequencies.
  • On-board USB connector to communicate over USB as slave device.
  • On-board PS/2 connector to interface Keyboard or Mouse with your MCU.
  • Configurable Pull Up or Pull Down on individual ports.
  • Direct Port Access to all the port pins for interfacing external circuits and ADD-ONs.
  • Four multiplexed seven segment displays with an option to enable or disable them individually.
  • Character LCD interface with 4-bit mode operation
  • 36 on-board LEDs to display status of every port pin. User also has an option to connect or disconnect LEDs to individual ports.
  • 36 Push Buttons to control input to every port pin. User has an option to configure input from button as active-high or active-low.
  • Graphic LCD interface to display graphics and text.
  • Separate potentiometers to vary contrast of Graphic LCD and Character LCD.
  • A button to hardware reset the MCU.
  • SPI based Micro Card connector for more memory requirements.
  • On-board EEPROM.
  • On-board Real Time Clock with battery backup.
  • On-board Highcurrent drive circuit to drive devices like relays and motors.
  • On-board XBEE compatible header to support wireless devices like ZigBEE, BlueBee, WiFi BEE etc.,
  • On-board Connector for Arduino Compatible shield to expand the features of the boards like adding a TFT Screen, NFC, GPS, GPRS, Motor Driver, Relays etc.,
  • Well-documented top and bottom side for easy hardware troubleshooting.

Package Contents

  • PIC Crush-II development board.
  • A comprehensive User Manual with all the section of PIC Crush-II development board explained with schematics.
  • Product CD-ROM with demo codes and complete source code for all the peripherals and additional material for getting started with PIC microcontrollers. The CD-ROM also includes complete and evaluation versions of different development environments.
  • A modem serial cable, DB9-Male to DB9-Female (DB9M-DB9F), to connect the PIC Crush-I development board to a computer.DB9 M-F Cable x 1 Nos.
  • 12V, 2A D.C adapter as external power supply x 1 Nos.
  • LM35 Analog Temperature Sensor x 1 Nos.
  • Character LCD 16x2  x 1 Nos.
  • Graphic LCD 128x64 x 1 Nos.
  • 40-pin PIC18F4520 MCU x 1 Nos.
  • 28-pin PIC18F2550 MCU x 1 Nos.
  • High Quality USB Serial Converter x 1 Nos.
  • Extra jumpers and jumper wire set x 1 Nos.

Optional Accesories & Kits (At added cost is available)

  • DS18B20 1-wire Temperature sensor x 1 No.
  • XBEE Wireless interface Kit x 1 Nos.
    • XBEE S2 Modules x 2 Nos.
    • XBEE USB Adapter x 1 Nos.
  • PIC Kit 3 ICSP USB Programmer/ Debugger x 1 Nos.
  • EN125 LF RFID Reader Kit x 1 Nos.
    • 125khz UART RFID Reader x 1 Nos.
    • 125kHz RFID Cards/Tags x 5 Nos.
  • Motor Kit x 1 Nos.
    • DC Motors x 1 Nos.
    • Stepper Motor x 1 Nos.
    • Servo Motor x 1 Nos.
    • Motor Driver Shield x 1 Nos.
  • Home Automation Kit x 1 Nos.
    • Groove/Crowtail connector Shield x 1 Nos.
    • PIR Sensor Module x 1 Nos.
    • WiFi BEE Module x 1 Nos.
    • Humidity Sensor Module x 1 Nos.
    • RGB LED Module x 1 Nos.
    • Pressure Sensor Module x 1 Nos.
    • Gas Sensor Module x 1 Nos.
    • Light Sensor Module x 1 Nos.
    • Water sensor x 1 Nos.
  • Many more sensors and actuators can be used along with the board.

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