PIC KICK Development Board with PIC16F877A

PIC KICK Development Board with PIC16F877A
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PIC KICK is an embedded system development board for Microchip’s 40 pin 8-bit microcontroller. It is a low cost kick start board based on PIC16F877A designed to help professionals, students and amateurs to explore the capability of PIC16, PIC18 architecture and practice application development for various interfaces with minimal hardware reconfiguration.


On-board Microchip’s PIC16F877A microcontroller with ds30 UART bootloader. Eliminating the need for an external programmer to program the microcontroller.

  1. Power jack for an external power supply from 8 to 16V AC/DC. Alternatively the board can be powered through the on-board mini USB connector. 
  2. 16x2 Character LCD interface operating in 4-bit mode.
  3. Direct Port Access to all the port pins for interfacing external circuits and ADD-ONs.
  4. On board USB B-Type connector for Microchip's 8-bit 40-pin microcontrollers with on-chip USB peripheral. Example: PIC18f4550 Microcontroller.
  5. Four on-board LEDs to display status of selected GPIO pins with an option to enable/disable using a jumper.
  6. Test points for +5V and GND for hardware debugging.
  7. Four Push Buttons with external pull-ups to provide digital input to selected GPIO.
  8. On-board replaceable crystal of 12MHz to clock the microcontroller.
  9. Variable Analog Input using a potentiometer to a selected channel.
  10. Manually set the contrast of Character LCD using POT1.
  11. On board USB to Serial converter to implement UART communication using the standard USB port on the computer. This can also be used to program the device with on-chip bootloader.
  12. Connector to support MICROCHIP’s programming/debugging product line (ICD2, ICD3, PICkit2 and PICkit3) and similar development tools.
  13. Push button to hardware reset the MCU.

Besides the above features the development board is well-documented on top and bottom side for easy hardware troubleshooting.


A dedicated WIKI for PIC KICK with detailed documentation [click here]


  • Package Content: PIC KICK Development Board, PIC16F877A microcontroller with bootloader Character LCD and USB Cable.
  • The Development Board comes with sample source codes for peripherals on board. The sample programs work with MPLAB IDE and Microchip's C18 Compiler. It is available for download from the Download tab of the product page.
  • The ds30 Programming Application is available at the Download section of the product page. The GUI Application can be found in the directory "\Bootloader Programming Application\bin\ds30LoaderGUI.exe"
  • The PIC16F877A microcontroller with pre-programmed bootloader can be programmed using USB-UART interface available on-board, removing the need for an external programmer.
  • The development board can be powered using the same mini-USB connector used to program the microcontroller, hence removing the need for additional external power adapter.


Programming the PIC microcontroller using ds30 Bootloader

PIC KICK and Twitter in Action!

Instructables for the above Application >> PIC KICK and Twitter in Action!

PIC PIC16f877A
Power Supply Options
External Power 8-16V AC/DC
USB Powered Yes
External Connector for ICSP Programmer/Debuggers like PICkit Lite-I, PICKit 3, ICD etc.,
On-chip Bootloader USB-UART Programmable ds30 bootloader. (No external Programmer required)
Low-Level Peripherals
LEDs 4 User Programmable LEDs (RED-2, Amber-1,Green-1).
Push Buttons 4 Push Buttons
Potentiometer 1 Potentiometer as analog input
Character LCD CLCD 16x2, Monochrome
Seven Segment Display Optional
Graphic LCD Optional
Serial Devices
USB - UART Yes, Can also be used for programming using on-chip bootloader
RS232 Optional using TTL-RS232 converter
I2C Optional for use with I2C devices like RTC, EEPROM using breakout section.
SPI Optional for use with SPI devices like Accelerometer,SPI-ADC using breakout section.
USB Slave USB Connector provided, Can be used by replacing PIC16F877A with a device like PIC18f4550.
Breakout Yes, All IO pins available for external circuit interfacing
USB Cable 1 Mini-USB cable
Downloads Check the downloads tab.

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