MMA7455 Accelerometer breakout

MMA7455 Accelerometer breakout
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This is a breakout module for Freescale's MMA7455 low power 3-axis Digital Accelerometer. The MMA7455 accelerometer interfaces with your microcontroller over I2C/SPI Interface. The accelerometer features signal conditioning, low pass filter and temperature compensation on-chip. Therefore immune to noisy output.   

The Module works can be powered using a 5V, 3.7V or 3.3V power supply source.. The 8-bit/10-bit values of all the 3-axis can be accessed by reading the respective registers through SPI/I2C communication. The trimming of offsets in the values is possible by writing the offset value to the respective offset registers during the calibration process.

Selectable Sensitivity of 2g, 4g, 8g in 8-bit mode and 2g, 8g in 10-bit mode.

FYI: The module is directly compatible with the accelerometer sockets on the ARM7 Development Board and is Breadboard compatible too!!


Ensure you do not reverse the polarity of your power source or power the module with more than the rated voltage. You may damage the on-board Accelerometer. 



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