Brief Introduction


Entelsa offers SkyLynk remote monitoring solutions for solar pumping solutions. SkyLynk constantly monitors solar pump performance no matter where it is installed in the world. It records key parameters like input voltage, input current, output AC current, Output AC frequency and water discharge (estimated LPD). Innovation and cutting edge technology are at the heart of SkyLynk internet based remote monitoring system. Online monitoring ensures optimum performance for solar pumping systems at all times and the data can be accessed through a web based portal or a mobile application.

How it Works


1. Sensors

Attach sensors to your solar inverter to capture important data.

2. Wireless IoT Gateway

A Skylynk Wireless Gateway receives data from sensors. This Information is then sent to the Skylynk WMS Cloud Server over a secured connection using Cellular (GPRS/LTE), Ethernet or WiFi technology. In the case of loss in Cloud connectivity, Data is stored on the Gateway's inbuilt storage and is transmitted when the SkyLynk Gateway is back online. This ensures that your data will never be lost.


3. SkyLynk Cloud

Access your data "On the Go" through a Secure Log-in on SkyLynk's Web Portal or Mobile Application. Customize Alerts and Alarms for different scenarios, which will be sent as SMS, Email or Mobile Notifications. Receive Instant Alerts or Scheduled Updates. Visualize and Analyse your data with intuitive Graphs and Charts. Opt for Weekly, Monthly or Customised Reports for in-depth analysis of your process. Upgrade to SkyLynk's Premuim Service to unlock advanced features.




Future proof design with Over The Air updates.

Track Water Discharge

Get the estimated LPD and track the water discharge anytime.

Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts via SMS, email and mobile notifications.

Centralised Monitoring & Reporting

Powerful reporting and analysis of all Generators with one platform.


GPRS, 3G, 4G and LAN options for internet connectivity.


Analyse Performance

Monitor the performance of all solar pumping systems with one central platform.

Effective Maintenance

Pro-actively identify a potential problem before it can damage or shut down the pump.

Maximise Profit

Reduce costs associated with routine site visits.

24/7/365 Access

It’s like having a technician on site 24 hours a day.

Avoid Emergencies

Avoid emergencies by receiving alerts about a dry run, overload or pump failure.

Maximize Performance

Determine whether under performance was caused by weather or by equipment.