Brief Introduction


Powered by Internet of Things (IoT), Skylynk® Wireless Monitoring Solution (WMS) uses cloud computing to monitor your process from remote locations. You can now set-up alerts for specific conditions and receive updates via Email, SMS, App or Browser notifications. Skylynk's Mobile APP and online portal helps you receive accurate data regularly and it eliminates human errors, thus giving you the freedom to invest your man power in more productive ways.

A perfect solution for discrete installations at remote locations. Skylynk WMS uses wireless sensor networks and cellular connectivity to send constant updates.

How it Works


1. Wireless Sensor

SkyLynk Wireless sensors are easy to set up and can be installed across all areas that need monitoring. Sensors capture data and send it to the SkyLynk Gateway using wireless signals  powerful enough to penetrate thick concrete walls.


2. Wireless Gateway

A single Skylynk Wireless Gateway can receive data from up to 100 Wireless  Sensors. This Information is then sent to the Skylynk WMS Cloud Server over a secured connection using Cellular (GPRS/LTE), Ethernet or WiFi technology. In the case of loss in Cloud connectivity, Data is stored on the Gateway's inbuilt storage and is transmitted when the SkyLynk Gateway is back online. This ensures that your data will never be lost.


3. SkyLynk Cloud

Access your data "On the Go" through a Secure Log-in on SkyLynk's Web Portal or Mobile Application. Customize Alerts and Alarms for different scenarios, which will be sent as SMS, Email or Mobile Notifications. Receive Instant Alerts or Scheduled Updates. Visualize and Analyse your data with intuitive Graphs and Charts. Opt for Weekly, Monthly or Customised Reports for in-depth analysis of your process. Upgrade to SkyLynk's Premuim Service to unlock advanced features.


Features & Benifits


Remote Monitoring

Monitor processes from anywhere in the world via Web Portal and Mobile App.



Easy Installation

Zero wiring make SkyLink non-intrusive and can be easily installed without a technician.



Maximise Profit

Prevent losses which may occur due to process failure


Wide Range

Temperature, Humidity, Voltage, Current, Gas, Level, Pressure, Motion, etc